Insight by making end-to-end visibility in real time for the entire operations chain to establish a comprehensive insight into each job scope of each employee privilege.

Fathom the operations and assets by diagnosing and predict, prescribe through a state-of-class of presentation in a different format that suits the user to make an insightful decision promptly securely and safely.

Empower by providing a comprehensive key performance management and streamlined operations data, knowledge management, processes, procedures, task assignments & instructions digitally.

Achieve performance excellence and digital transformation through Fathom’s Precocity™ software platform, advanced applications, and big data analytics.

Oil & Gas

Maximize the utilization of Capex and increase the efficiency of Opex through Fathom Solutions™  beneficial in several areas including plant and pipeline operations& maintenance, asset integrity management, Real-time KPI’s management, supply chain optimization, oil well production optimization,  energy consumption management, and equipment handling. 

Industrial 4.0

Nowadays organizations thrive to be smarter and agiler for more efficient services and informed decision making. Fathom Precocity™ platform could enable any enterprise to make it smarter like cities and infrastructure operators can develop Industrial IoT applications to relieve traffic congestion, preserve water and energy utilization and improve infrastructure services and supply chain efficiency. 

Fathom Solutions™  is a software platform company focuses on providing innovative technology solutions that provide valuable insight for the operations to make an informed decision promptly and prompt execution towards achieving client performance excellence and creating value for all stakeholders.

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