Better Decisions. Faster Execution. Simpler Digital Transformation.

Leverage our advanced applications, big data analytics, and Precocity™ platform to upgrade your industrial operations.

Meet fathom

We have one purpose— to make your life easier.

We give you a simple path to better decisions and faster execution. We do this by giving you adaptable, scalable, and user-first solutions that deliver the insights, answers, and capabilities you need to improve your business’ performance.

We do this by applying a proven 3-pillar framework that will accelerate, simplify, and complete your digital transformation.


We give you accurate, end-to-end, real-time visibility into your operational data, and package it into a personalized view that gives you the insights you need at a glance.


We apply advanced algorithms, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to your data, and give you answers that diagnose issues, predict outcomes, and lay out your next steps.


We automate, streamline, and centralize your work. We give you the tools you need to make better-informed decisions, execute on them faster, and increase your performance.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Your digital transformation can be fast. It can be smooth. It can deliver the results it promised when you laid out your strategy. You just need the right partner to guide you through every sticking point— big or small.

Your digital transformation can be fast. It can be smooth. It can deliver the results it promised when you laid out your strategy. You just need the right partner to guide you through every sticking point— big or small.



We bundle all of your data, systems, and tools into a single platform.


We create enterprise-sized results without charging enterprise-sized fees.


We follow simple, straight paths that cut through your complexity.


We offer advanced engineering solutions based on microservice architecture.

Industry 4.0

We specialize in driving digital transformation for industrial enterprises. We give them complete solutions that collect every element of their transformation into a single, centralized home.

The result— we simplify Industry 4.0, and make it easy to:

  • Select, deploy, and manage new digital technologies.
  • Integrate new platforms with legacy systems.
  • Automate and optimize their core processes.
  • Build connected facilities, factories, and supply chains.
  • Develop end-to-end visibility into operations.
  • Deploy actionable AI, ML, and Big Data Analytics into every corner of the industrial enterprise.

fathom Precocity

A Unified Platform for Industry 4.0

fathom Precocity gives you the missing piece to your industrial digital transformation.

Our platform gives you a scalable, flexible, and extendable industrial IoT platform. With Precocity, you will:

  • Collect, analyse, and visualize your operational data in a single hub.
  • Integrate all of your existing systems into one portal.
  • Centralize your team under a shared collaboration suite.
  • Simplify your day-to-day life.
  • Deliver a faster, simpler, and more complete digital transformation.
  • Wells
  • Pipelines
  • Supply
  • Process
  • Infra

Increase production. Reduce costs. Minimize downtime.

fathom Wells gives oil & gas companies the ability to:

  • Improve the production rate and run life of their wells, flow lines, and surface production systems.
  • Monitor, predict and diagnose the root causes behind failure events.
  • Manage changing reservoir conditions through more efficient and effective workflows and processes.
  • Unify their oilfield headquarters with their field sites through edge computing.

Improve production. Increase uptime. Lower your risk.

fathom Pipelines gives oil & gas companies the ability to:

  • Improve their pipeline health, integrity, and output.
  • Develop a holistic view of their operations, including their pipelines, commodities, stations, instrumentation, and equipment.
  • Receive real-time performance metrics, leverage intuitive data visualizations, and deploy new monitoring and control tools.
  • Reduce their costs while increasing operational safety and preventing crises.

Rethink operations. Create visibility. Gain control.

fathom Supply gives supply chains the ability to:

  • Deploy AI, ML, and “smart” devices to automate core processes.
  • Leverage IoT to create real-time logistics that solve operational issues and allow new business models.
  • Create a foundation for advanced capabilities like drone deliveries, predictive maintenance, and 3D printed machinery.
  • Get ahead of disruptive forces like self-driving vehicles.

Reduce OPEX. Increase margins. Maximize asset utilization.

fathom Process gives manufacturers the ability to:

  • Increase the efficiency, quality, and production volume of their facilities.
  • Automate, streamline, and granularly govern large-scale processes.
  • Leverage a unified approach to IoT deployment, asset tracking, and “smart” devices.
  • Build fully-connected factories where every element communicates with each other.

Reduce strain. Increase sustainability. Improve quality-of-life.

fathom Infra gives infrastructure managers the ability to:

  • Collect data from unconventional sources like lampposts, faucets, and parking lots.
  • Develop a holistic view of their entire city by visualizing multiple data sources & infrastructure systems.
  • Create smart buildings that are more efficient, welcoming, and profitable.
  • Monitor, manage, and optimize a city through a dashboard.