Our Purpose

We make your life easier by delivering innovative technologies & services that create easier, simpler, more productive work environments.

Who We Are

We are a technology firm that can give you a faster, simpler, and more complete digital transformation. We specialize in driving Industry 4.0 transformations, but ultimately we lead our clients down a flexible path that can apply to a wide range of enterprises, fields, and use cases.

In short: We give you the systems, processes, tools, and—above all—partner you need to ensure your digital transformation lives up to its promise.

How We Operate

We’ve rethought our industry’s standard operating models from the ground up, and offer a new approach to solutions delivery— one that drives outcomes across the entire industrial value chain:

Boutique Firm, Enterprise Impact
We can scale our people, processes, and products to handle enterprise-class projects, but we keep our core organizational structure nimble, creative, and responsive to your needs.

Highly-Personalized Solutions
We customize our solutions to meet the unique needs of every one of our clients— adapting everything from the visualizations of individual dashboards to the underlying structure of our solution architecture.

Cross-Industry Best Practices
We solve problems and capture opportunities for many different industries. We take the lessons we learn from one industry, and apply them to our clients in other industries.

Our Partner Ecosystem

We never go it alone. We partner with the world’s leading talent on every project, and bring their experience, insights, and capabilities to solve your toughest problems.

Our partners include:

  • Technology firms and service providers who have developed unique, cutting-edge platforms and applications.
  • Industry leading companies who provide decades of vertical-specific connections and best practices.
  • Mentors, gurus, and SMEs who produce rapid breakthroughs by sharing their singular vision and expertise.

Our Streamlined Structure

Working with fathom is smooth, straightforward, and simple. Thanks to our learn organization model…

  • We are Fast: We complete our work without multiple rounds of validation across multiple departments.
  • We are Agile: We can rapidly adjust our course or deploy new capabilities as your needs evolve.
  • We are Efficient: We operate without corporate bloat, layers of complexity, or unnecessary overhead.
  • We are Personal: We give you direct access to our executive team, who will champion your project— start to finish.

Our Key Values


We tell it like it is. We value simple, direct, and honest communication— both internally, and with our clients.


We do what we say. We choose to build trust by acting in an honest and ethical manner at all times.


We act as true partners. We deliver projects quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality outcomes possible.


We reduce complexity. We take the biggest business challenges and boil them down into streamlined solutions.


We never stop learning. We constantly acquire new knowledge, new expertise, and new thinking patterns.


We keep an open mind. We bring as multiple opinions, mindsets, and cultures into our work and life.