Lifecycle Management— Upgraded

Improve Production. Increase Uptime. Lower Risk.

A Simple Solution to Complex Operations

You manage a complex, unpredictable, and fragile pipeline system. It’s hard to maintain visibility into the current state of any individual pipeline, and to spend most of your day fixing sudden pipeline failures. 

And every year your operational environment, and your day-to-day job, only gets more and more complex.

We built fathom Pipelines to solve these problems for you.

Digital Pipeline Management that Delivers

fathom Pipelines gives you a single, central industrial IoT software platform that meets the end-to-end needs of pipeline lifecycle management. Using our platform, you will monitor each of your pipelines in their entirety, calculate the remaining lifetime for each pipeline segment, and make data-driven decisions about when to repair, replace, or retire each of your assets. 

With fathom Pipelines, you will:

  • Improve Your Operations
  • Reduce Your Costs
  • Prevent Potential Crises
  • Increase Operational Safety
  • Reduce Your Power Consumption
  • Transform Your Pipeline Management

A Comprehensive Pipelines Management Suite

fathom Pipelines deploys a fully integrated suite that connects the core processes, functions, and technologies of digital pipeline management under a single solution.

Our pipelines management suite revolves around three core systems:

System 1: Pipeline Integrity Management

We make it easy to monitor your liquid and gas pipelines through a host of powerful, practical applications, plugins, and modules.

System 2: Pipeline Asset Management

We make your physical assets more reliable, more available, and easier to maintain, through advanced data capture, integration, visualization, and analytics.

System 3: Pipeline Automation & Control

We give you advanced automation and control modules to monitor and drive performance through every element of pipeline management.

A Fully-Integrated Solution

With fathom Pipelines, you will combine all of the critical systems, processes, and actions you need to manage your pipelines— all in a single, simple, unified platform.

The results:

  • Less downtime
  • Safe, compliant operations
  • Improved pipeline health and integrity
  • Increased efficiency, performance, and output
  • Data-driven decision making
  • A Fully Executed Digital Strategy