Fathom Precocity™

A Unified Platform for Industry 4.0

The Missing Piece of Your Digital Transformation

fathom Precocity gives you a scalable, flexible, and extendable industrial IoT platform. It provides:

Connection: Provides real-time data collection, visibility, and actionable answers from all of your devices, equipment, sensors, objects, and people.

Automation: Provides hands-free processes, procedures, and governances for your unique Operational Technology and Information Technology stacks.

Personalization: Provides highly configurable and customizable analytics, portals, and workflows through our AI, ML, and Big Data engines.

Why We Built Precocity

Many of our clients face a clear mandate— they must rapidly complete their digital transformation. Yet they struggle to manage their operational complexity, to pull value from their flood of operational data, and to develop a simple day-to-day working experience as they juggle multiple siloed technology systems.

We built Precocity to make their lives easier. 

We designed Precocity to:

  • Solve the core challenges of digital transformation
  • Act as single foundational platform/hub for digital transformation
  • Bring our unique digital transformation framework to life

How Precocity Works

We designed fathom Precocity as a horizontal, modular platform that can be adapted to solve every major challenge presented by Industry 4.0. 

We built our Precocity on top of six core components that meet the most fundamental digital transformation requirements, while still allowing a high degree of flexibility and customizability.

Key Component 1

OT Layer- Automation
& Control

Key Component 2

Asset Management and Tracking​

Key Component 3

Workflow Engine​

Key Component 4

Edge to
Cloud Computing

Key Component 5


Key Component 6


Precocity: The Key to Industry 4.0

fathom Precocity adapts itself to meet the unique needs of any industrial vertical. So far, we have leveraged Precocity to develop bespoke solutions for six verticals.

For each vertical, fathom Precocity delivers:

  • Improved Asset Performance
  • New Revenue Streams
  • Reduced Costs
  • Greater Operational Efficiency
  • Increased Safety and Risk Mitigation
  • A Fully Executed Digital Strategy